How To Order

The majority of our products must be placed via our Online Ordering System.   

Online ordering system

It can be very daunting when ordering products from a new company the first time and we have tried to make this as process as easy as possible by offering an online ordering system which includes a file upload tool.  Ready to get started?

1/.  Register with us on the home page of our website.  We will confirm your registration within 24 hours, once we have checked your are a professional photographer, and will email you a confirmation.  You are now ready to order online!

2/.  When you are ready to place an order log in to our website using your username and password.  When you are logged in your name will appear in the top right hand corner of the website.

3/.  Go to the webpage of the product you wish to order.  On the top right hand corner, above the product photos, you will see an "add to cart" green icon.  Click on this and it will take you to the ordering system.  If you do not see an "add to cart" button then you may not be logged in.  Double check the top right hand corner to check you are.  If you are logged in the and "add to cart" button does not appear then that product may not be able to be ordered online.

4/.  It's an easy step through process from here selecting the options you require as you work through the order form.  There is a place for comments down the bottom and you can see the pricing on the right hand side (except for Bookbound Albums).   There will be areas to load files - and you can review these before you finalise your order.

5/.  Once you are finished you can click on the "add to cart" button and the order will be added to your cart.  You can then double check all the information is correct and complete the check out process.  At anytime (before submitting) the order can be cancelled from your shopping cart.  Placing test orders in your cart is the perfect way to double check freight costs.

6/.  Once your order is submitted you will receive a confirmation order from us.  Most orders will take 2-4 weeks for manufacturing and delivery, depending on the product.  You can review the expected delivery time on the product webpage.  If you need a product by a certain date make sure to enter this information in the comments section when you are placing your order and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

IMPORTANT!!  There is an area in the check out process where you can add any discount coupons that you have have received - or studio display coupon codes found on our Studio Display webpage.   You will need to remember though you can only enter one coupon code per order.  Therefore if you plan to order using 2 different codes you will need to place 2 separate orders and ask us to link them together if you would like us to ship them together.

Please remember we are here to help, feel free to email us or call our sales team on 03 9387 1530 with any questions you may have!

Bookbound & Gallery album designing and ordering options

If you prefer matted albums to magazine style albums but are concerned about the designing limits then you don't need to be concerned.  You can order your Bookbound and Gallery album with custom designed mats and we can cut these to your specifications at no extra charge.  But, there's always a but, you must use a programme that will allow you to export double page psd files so we can easily get the matt data that is needed to cut your mats.

The best programs we have found are Photojunction, Fundy Album Builder or Pro Select..  The 3 software programmes make it very easy as our album sizes are already listed in the programmes ready for you to start designing.  Click here to go to our software page for links to the programme websites.

Once you have designed an album in any of the programmes listed above you will need to use the double page psd files of your album design to create a .dat file that we can use to cut your album mats exactly as you have designed them.  You will need to run a simple programme we have created called Seldex Connect to create the .dat file - alternatively you can send the double page psd files to us and we can create the .dat file inhouse.

You can download Seldex Connect and the instruction manuals below if you would like to create the .dat file in your studio.

Click here to view the video on how to use Seldex Connect with Photojunction exports

Seldex FTP site

If you are utilising our Print and Bind Service for our Storybook or Flushmount Albums you will need to upload your hi-res files to our FTP site. You will need to Login and be registered to receive the Username and Password to our FTP site.  Please email to receive this.  Once you have uploaded your files please email to advise us and we will expedite your order.

Important notes:

  • Files must be sent to us correctly sized. If they need resizing there will be a surcharge.
  • Files must be saved at 300 dpi
  • Files must be colour corrected by your studio.

Sending prints or files

If you are sending your prints or files to Seldex™ for assembly or printing please refer to our Tips For Sending Prints. Prints must be received clearly labelled with a copy of your order and album plan. No orders will be commenced until ALL images are received.

Send your images to:

Seldex™ Artistic Albums
Attention: Images
397 Victoria Street
Brunswick Victoria 3056

For further information you can refer to our Production Schedule and Terms of Trade for further information.