Portrait Envelopes

Seldex™ Portrait Envelopes are the ideal packaging product when you are searching for an upmarket presentation that will hold 10 to 15 individual photos at an affordable price.  Covered in our ever popular Natural Blend Linen you also have the option of choosing the material of your choice when 10 or more identical Portrait Envelopes are ordered. This is a great way to co-ordinate your packaging for your studio brand.  If you would like to include some digital files with yourpnts then you could add a DVD inside your package!

You can also order your invidivual photos for your Portrait Envelopes from Seldex™ as well, so your product arrives ready for collection by your client.  Your images are printed using Epson's beautiful Ultrachrome inks and can be printed on either matt or lustre paper.  Save yourself time and money by using our new printing service!  Click here to go to our print webpage.

What sizes are Portrait Envelopes available in?

  • 7 x 5"
  • 10 x 8"

What material are Portrait Envelopes available in?

  • Natural Blend Linen

If you order 10 or more Portrait Envelopes you can choose the cover material from our large range of Asahi, Linen or Buckram materials.

What paper can I have my images printed on?

  • Matt
  • Lustre

Can I get my Portrait Envelopes embossed with my studio logo?

Yes! Branding products that leave your studio is very important and folders are no exception. We cannot emboss less than 10 Photo Envelopes. For quantities of 10 or more we will emboss them for free! (Please remember prices do not include a custom stamper although this is a one off charge if you would like to get one made.)

Love it!  How can I order them?

Easy!  Just log in to our website and click on the "Add To Cart" icon at the top right hand side of this webpage and this will take you to our shopping cart.

How long will my Portrait Envelopes take?

Portrait Envelopes in Natural Blend Linen are normally held in stock and take approx 2 to 3 business days to ship.  If you are ordering 10 Portrait Envelopes in the colour of your choice then please allow 5 to 10 business days for these to be manufactured.

Wait! Just one more step before you place your order.

Legal jargon you most likely won’t read… but you should!

By accepting the Terms and Conditions of Service, YOU (the Customer) agree that:

  • This product is a customer order and all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges.
  • We cannot promise to change or cancel any order after 48 hours as it may have already been sent to production.
  • You may use any software/template or program to design our albums, but please understand that you are responsible for the content, layout, size and resolution.
  • Seldex cannot be held responsible for any issues relating to incorrectly submitted files.
  • Please make sure to read our Print Specifications information booklet to help with your print settings.
  • Seldex do NOT colour correct any images.
  • If this is your first order using our print service, we recommend – sort of insist – that you get test prints done first. Our test prints are free and will show you how your prints will look when using our print service.
  • Seldex reserves the right to discontinue any specific product, material or option at any time.


Sample Album – If you are ordering a sample album please make sure to use the discount code applicable. Discounts can be found on our Studio Display webpage. There is a limit of 3 display albums per year, and each display album be watermarked “Studio Display Album” on the last layout of the album.