Stamping die

Every presentation product that you delivery to your customers should be studio branded and the best way to do that with Seldex products is to emboss them with your studio logo.  Embossing can be done in black, white, silver or gold foil or it can blind embossed.  Blind embossing is very popular as it is simple and understated, yet

Embossing your logo on our products is relatively inexpensive, and in some cases free!  When you order the minimum quantity of DVD Folios, USB Boxes, Portfolios etc we emboss your studio logo for free.  There is a one off cost involved in setting up your studio die ($150) but it is well worth it and we encourage every studio to take advantage of our free embossing specials.

What type of file do we send?

You will need to send us a high res jpeg  file. Logo must be black on a white background, no colour or gradients. 

Remember this is foil embossing, not printing, so very small letters or intricate designs may not emboss well.  Contact our sales team if you have any concerns.

How wide should my stamper be?

It is your choice on how large we make your stamping die.  We suggest anything from 5 to 10cm wide although this will depend on the height of the logo design also.  You will need to advise us of the width of your stamper when you place your order.


Wait! Just one more step before you place your order.

Legal jargon you most likely won’t read… but you should!

By accepting the Terms and Conditions of Service, YOU (the Customer) agree that:

  • This product is a customer order and all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges.
  • We cannot promise to change or cancel any order after 48 hours as it may have already been sent to production.
  • You may use any software/template or program to design our albums, but please understand that you are responsible for the content, layout, size and resolution.
  • Seldex cannot be held responsible for any issues relating to incorrectly submitted files.
  • Please make sure to read our Print Specifications information booklet to help with your print settings.
  • Seldex do NOT colour correct any images.
  • If this is your first order using our print service, we recommend – sort of insist – that you get test prints done first. Our test prints are free and will show you how your prints will look when using our print service.
  • Seldex reserves the right to discontinue any specific product, material or option at any time.


Sample Album – If you are ordering a sample album please make sure to use the discount code applicable. Discounts can be found on our Studio Display webpage. There is a limit of 3 display albums per year, and each display album be watermarked “Studio Display Album” on the last layout of the album.