Invogue Albums

Seldex™ Digital Slip In Albums have had a major revamp and as of January 2017 are now known as Invogue Albums.  Invogue Albums are the ideal presentation option for those photographers wanting a beautiful matted album that is easy to assemble and also one that can be kept on hand in your studio for immediate client delivery. 

This style of album has become increasingly popular with those photographers following Sue Bryce's Reveal Wall style of selling where clients are shown printed images at their viewing and they then select which prints they would like in their album.  The photographer can then finish assembling the album and the client can take their completed printed purchases away with them.

Each album page features a mat that is cut the same size on each page therefore allowing photographers to easily slip their photo behind the mat.  Albums are available to suit either 10, 20 or 30 photos and additional pages can be ordered if desired.  Albums are available in both vertical and horizontal formats.  If you prefer a square format  so your images can run both vertically and horizontally within the one album then our Gallery Albums would be the perfect option.  Studios can print and assemble their own images or you can order your Invogue Album to arrive printed and assembled by Seldex on our lustre or fine art matte paper.  

All Invogue Albums arrive packaged in a solid presentation box. Packaging upgrades are also available.

Invogue Albums offer photographers the best in price and style when it comes to choosing a matted album.

What size are Invogue Albums available in?

Sizes listed below indicate the photo size that the album suits.  Each photo is then surrounded by 1" of mat.

  • 11 x 14" vertical or horizontal
  • 10 x 14" vertical or horizontal
  • 12 x 8" vertical or horizontal
  • 7x10" vertical or horizontal
  • 7 x 5" vertical or horizontal

What page capacities are Invogue Albums available in?

  • 5 leaves / 10 pages
  • 10 leaves / 20 pages
  • 15 leaves / 30 pages

Remember you also have the option of adding extra leaves if required!

What style of album leaves are available?

All Invogue Albums feature Fixed style leaves.  Unlike Gallery Albums the mats in a Invogue Album come pre-attached to the album page.

How many leaves can I have in an album?

The maximum number of leaves is 30 leaves / 60 pages.

What cover materials can I choose from?  Click here to view our colour swatches.

  • Premium Leather
  • Classic Leather
  • Asahi
  • Linen
  • Leatherette
  • Buckram

What album cover designs are available?

  • Plain
  • Indentations
  • Acrylic Montage
  • Photo Montage
  • Ribbon Tie
  • Personalised Embossing
  • Customised Embossing

CLICK HERE to view photographs and information on the various Cover Design options.

What mat choices do I have?

  • Black or white bevel
  • Black or white single

What other page options do you have?

  • Drymount pages

What packaging options do I have?

  • Black presentation box with cloth wrap - included in price
  • Earth presentation box with handmade paper wrap - included in price
  • Black presentation box with cloth envelope
  • Earth presentation box with cloth envelope
  • Designer box with cloth wrap

CLICK HERE to view photographs and information on the various Packaging options.

Can Seldex™ assemble my album?

Yes! Seldex™ can print and assemble your album.  The choice is yours!

If you order a drymount print in an album this print will be laminated to protect it.

How do I order a Invogue Album?

Simply log in and click on the "add to cart" in the top right hand corner.

How long will my Invogue Album take?

Invogue Albums are handmade, made to order albums and therefore require 10-15 business days to manufacture.  Please add an extra day or two if Seldex is needed to also print and assemble the album.







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  • You may use any software/template or program to design our albums, but please understand that you are responsible for the content, layout, size and resolution.
  • Seldex cannot be held responsible for any issues relating to incorrectly submitted files.
  • Please make sure to read our Print Specifications information booklet to help with your print settings.
  • Seldex do NOT colour correct any images.
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Sample Album – If you are ordering a sample album please make sure to use the discount code applicable. Discounts can be found on our Studio Display webpage. There is a limit of 3 display albums per year, and each display album be watermarked “Studio Display Album” on the last layout of the album.