Mode Albums

Seldex™ Mode Albums provide a quick and simple alternative to our magazine style albums and are a great album to have on hand in your studio for quick turnaround.  Mode Albums are self mount albums (do it yourself style) with each album page supplied with removable double sided adhesive to allow you to mount the photographs at your studio.  Available in all your favourite cover materials including luxury leathers and stunning silks, Mode Albums make a great magazine style album without the expensive price tag.  Mode Albums are supplied with the base pages being slightly larger than the photo size it is made to suit - this means you will not need to trim your photos.

What size Mode Albums are available?

We offer a huge range of standard sizes listed below, however if you would like a size not listed please contact us as I'm sure we will be able to accomodate you!

11 x 14" vertical and horizontal12 x 12" square10 x 14" vertical and horizotal10 x 10" square12 x 8" vertical and horizontal8 x 8" square10 x 8" vertical and horizontal7 x 7" square10 x 7" vertical and horizontal5 x 5" square7 x 5" vertical and horizontal 6 x 4" vertical and horizontal 5 x 4" vertical and horizontal 5 x 3½" vertical and horizontal 

What colour base leaves are available?

  • Black
  • White

What leaf capacities are Mode albums available in?

  • 5 leaves / 10 pages
  • 10 leaves / 20 pages
  • 15 leaves / 30 pages

Remember you do have the option of adding extra leaves to the album when you place your order.

What is the maximum number of leaves I can have in an album?

The maximum number of leaves in a Mode Album is 30 leaves or 60 pages.

What cover materials can I choose from?

  •  Avante Garde Leather
  • Premium Leather
  • Classic Leather
  • Leatherette
  • Asahi
  • Linen
  • Buckram

What album cover designs option are available?

  • Plain
  • Indentation
  • Personalised embossing
  • Indentation and embossing

What packaging options do I have?

  • Black presentation box with black wrap - included in price
  • Black Buckram slipcase

How do I design a Mode Album?

There are many options available to photographers for designing magazine style albums whether it be a Storybook, Flushmount or Mode Album, and it really depends on how much time, and or money you have. Some photographers prefer to use Photoshop for all their layouts although most prefer album designing programs with preset templates that they can change to suit their own style. Other studios prefer to outsource the design side of album planning. If you go to the "our friends" page here on our website you will find some of our recommendations.

Can Seldex™ assemble my album?

Yes! We can print and assemble your album if you require.

How do I order a Mode Album?

Click on the "Add To Cart" link on the right hand side of this page. Make sure you are logged in first!

How long will my Mode Album take to manufacture?

Mode Albums are handmade, made to order albums and therefore require 10-15 business days to manufacture. 


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  • We cannot promise to change or cancel any order after 48 hours as it may have already been sent to production.
  • You may use any software/template or program to design our albums, but please understand that you are responsible for the content, layout, size and resolution.
  • Seldex cannot be held responsible for any issues relating to incorrectly submitted files.
  • Please make sure to read our Print Specifications information booklet to help with your print settings.
  • Seldex do NOT colour correct any images.
  • If this is your first order using our print service, we recommend – sort of insist – that you get test prints done first. Our test prints are free and will show you how your prints will look when using our print service.
  • Seldex reserves the right to discontinue any specific product, material or option at any time.


Sample Album – If you are ordering a sample album please make sure to use the discount code applicable. Discounts can be found on our Studio Display webpage. There is a limit of 3 display albums per year, and each display album be watermarked “Studio Display Album” on the last layout of the album.