Gallery Albums

Seldex™ Gallery Albums offer you sophistication without the expensive price tag.   It is the preferred choice for portrait albums, parent albums and guest books because of its large variety of cover options including frosted acrylic, leathers, contemporary Linens and personalised silk or canvas image covers.

Gallery Albums comes complete with base pages fully bound into the album cover whilst mats are supplied separately. To assemble, simply attach the photo to the back of the mat, peel off the double sided adhesive strip and place the mat onto the base page. The 12" and 9" Albums are square allowing the mats to be adhered either vertically or horizontally. All albums come packaged in a black presentation box with Designer Box Lids and Iguana boxes available as an upgrade.

PLEASE NOTE - Each Gallery Album comes with a set number of base pages plus a front and back fly leaf. Please make sure you start attaching mats to the base pages and not the fly leaves unless you want to increase the number of sides in your album.

What sizes are available?

  • 12" Square
  • 9" Square

What page capacities are available?

  • 5 leaf / 10 pages
  • 10 leaf / 20 pages
  • 15 leaf / 30 pages

What cover materials can I choose from?

  • Premium Leather
  • Leather
  • Leatherette
  • Asahi
  • Linen
  • Buckram
  • Canvas or Silk Image cover

What album cover designs option are available?

  • Plain
  • Frost Acrylic
  • Acrylic Montage
  • Indentation
  • Personalised embossing
  • Indentation and embossing

CLICK HERE to view photographs and information on the various Cover Design options.  Remember not all of these options are available for Gallery Albums.

What album linings are available?

When you first open an album you will come across the album lining and the fly page.  This is a double page spread.  These linings can be in black or white art paper (no charge) or you can choose from one of our beautiful handmade Thai or Nepalese handmade papers at a small additonal cost.  Colour choices are shown below:

  • Album Linings Beautiful Handmade Papers

    • Black

      Natural Unryu

    • Black

      White Unryu

    • Black

      Natural Mango

    • Black

      Black Banana

    • Black

      Black on Natural Lokta

    • Black

      Black on Natural Janaki

    • Black

      Tamarind Leaves White / Blue

    • Black

      Tamarind Leaves White / Green

    • Black

      Tamarind Leaves White / Plum

    • Black

      Gold on Black Lokta

How can I download the Photoshop templates for the Canvas or Silk Image covers? Easy! Click on the links below!

What mat choices do I have?

  • Black or white bevel
  • Black or white single
  • Black or white double mats
  • Black or white two tone double mats
  • Blank mats
  • Blank mats with adhesive

Where can I find the standard mat combinations for Gallery albums? Click below!

What packaging options do I have?

  • Black box - included in price
  • White box - included in price
  • Earth packaging - included in price
  • Designer Box
  • Black or Pearl Iguana Box

CLICK HERE to view photographs and information on the various packaging options.  Remember not all of these options are available for Gallery Albums - only those listed above.

Can Seldex™ assemble my album?

Yes! Seldex™ now offers two levels of album assembly for Gallery Albums. Gallery Albums will arrive unassembled with base pages bound into the album cover and mats separate unless an album assembly option is selected.  Our first level is assembly only - we can assemble your mats onto the album base pages as per your album plan. Our second level is print and bind - you send us your image files and we will print the photos and fully assemble your albums. 

  • If you do choose the print and assembly option please note that all drymount images will be laminated to protect them against the mat opposite.
  • All images must be cropped to size as ordered. For example: if you order a 5x7 mat, the image going into that mat must be sized to 5x7inches@ 300dpi.
  • Please group files into folders and clearly label the folder  ie:  5x7, 7x7 etc 
  • A PDF album plan must be uploaded with your files so we can assemble your album to your design.


Click here to view a video on how to assemble a Gallery album.

I love it! How can I order one?

You can order your Gallery Album online - simply log in using your username and password and click on the "Add To Cart" icon in the top right hand corner of this webpage.

Tips for ordering an Image cover

Click here for some design do's and don'ts!!

DO NOT have images end exactly on the crop lines. Images must either flow over the crop lines to the edge or be set inside the crop lines with a background color filling the remaining space. The GUIDE MARKS ARE APPROXIMATE, not exact. Please keep that in mind when designing your cover.

DO NOT leave any blank space and make sure that the spine and fold areas are flexible. Anything that appears outside of the blue fold lines will get folded over when the cover is created.

The uploaded cover image should be a JPEG. Your image file needs to be received  print ready and should have a resolution of 300 dpi.


How long will my Gallery Album take to manufacture?

Gallery Albums are handmade, made to order albums and therefore require 10-15 business days to manufacture. 

Wait! Just one more step before you place your order.

Legal jargon you most likely won’t read… but you should!

By accepting the Terms and Conditions of Service, YOU (the Customer) agree that:

  • This product is a customer order and all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges.
  • We cannot promise to change or cancel any order after 48 hours as it may have already been sent to production.
  • You may use any software/template or program to design our albums, but please understand that you are responsible for the content, layout, size and resolution.
  • Seldex cannot be held responsible for any issues relating to incorrectly submitted files.
  • Please make sure to read our Print Specifications information booklet to help with your print settings.
  • Seldex do NOT colour correct any images.
  • If this is your first order using our print service, we recommend – sort of insist – that you get test prints done first. Our test prints are free and will show you how your prints will look when using our print service.
  • Seldex reserves the right to discontinue any specific product, material or option at any time.


Sample Album – If you are ordering a sample album please make sure to use the discount code applicable. Discounts can be found on our Studio Display webpage. There is a limit of 3 display albums per year, and each display album be watermarked “Studio Display Album” on the last layout of the album.