Album Design

Fundy Album Builder

The perfect design program for devoted Photoshoppers! Fundy Album Builder works to design your album inside Photoshop making it easy for those who are familiar with Photoshop. Its auto-album build feature makes designing ridiculously easy - you just select your photos, the number of leaves and Album Builder does the rest. Once the album is designed you can easily make any changes you need!

Album Builder works for both matted and flushmount albums although you will need to use Seldex Connect if designing a Bookbound album as we require a .dat file of your album design for our computerised matcutting machines.  To download Seldex Connect go to our How To Order page.

Click here to watch how easy it is to design a Seldex matted album using Fundy!


Album design made easy!   Easy set up - No need to know bleeds, safe zones, or any other print jargon.  Pick your print company & album size, and we set up the rest.  Save time - No more designing spreads or searching for templates.  Simply pick your images and immediately see a design.  Be creative with Dynamic Album Design™ experimenting is fast & easy. Change spread designs, add & delete images, and switch photos instantly.

Seldex magazine style album sizes are already set up in SmartAlbums and it will be able to design matted albums shortly.SmartAlbums is available for MAC users only at this time.

Pro Select

An awesome program that is suited for both Portrait and Wedding studios. ProSelect originally started as a software for portraits and the ability to add frames and display to your customers their images on their own walls were just 2 of its amazing features.

The ability to design albums is more recent and largely relies on templates. You can design your own templates although this is a little more time consuming than some other softwares. ProSelect is integrated with our mat cutting machines so it remains our number one choice for designing Bookbound albums as you can create custom mats and export a full page of photos which will line up with the apertures perfectly!

Download our templates for ProSelect here!