We consider ourselves lucky to work with such a large range of talented photographers worldwide. Below are testimonials from some of our wonderful clients. If you are a bride looking for a wedding or portrait photographer then we suggest you view our clients website - all the photographers listed are qualified professional photographers highly recommended by us.

We LOVE Seldex because…

"Designing and personalising my entire product range to suit ME, not them. And when you speak with them you feel like you're talking to friends, and above all else, their exceptional service, product and quality."

Sue Bryce

“There is no competition in regards to the quality, finish and customer service received. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, we haven't come across another product or service that has even tempted us. Every album produced is of the highest quality, and any request is dealt with quickly and effectively.”

Joseph Koprek


“No other album company, in our eyes, comes close to the fine quality of a Seldex finished album - the binding, the mats, the leather. Its the simplicity of quality products and quality workmanship put together that makes the perfect setting for our photography. An album should be a tasteful "blank canvas". Seldex albums are subtle, timeless and confident - but most importantly they let the photography speak for itself.”

Blumenthal Photography

“It's knowing you have a whole team behind you - one that helps to support and grow your business with you. A local team, based in Australia, that understands the needs of our local market, so products can change and develop as we do.”

Kristen Cook

“I have used Seldex since I started my Portrait Wedding business 17 years ago. I adore the handmade quality, attention to detail, the stunning consistency, the caring service and the ability to evolve with the styles and times. My passion is photography in print and in this digital age, Albums are the point of difference. I am super proud of my albums and Seldex are the ultimate and lasting, exquisite showcase.“

Kerin Burford Photography

“I know everytime Seldex will give me 110% on service and quality. We are providing lifetime precious memories and for over 10 years now Seldex have given us products that stand the test of time. I know every time Seldex will give me 110% service and quality, making our job that much better.”

Porfyri Photography


"The relationship I have developed with Seldex is second to none, I'm not just a client number, I've become a friend. They have listened to my needs as my business has grown and have been with me from the start. The craftmanship of my albums is truly amazing, I never get tired of the reaction my clients have, when they see how truly beautiful they are."

Natalie Howe Photography

“They deliver a high quality, stylish, unique and affordable product range for the wedding and portrait markets. The team at Seldex are constantly working on their product range and keep up with the latest styles and trends. They don't do fads, they do products that last and become timeless family treasures. And the BEST thing is Seldex listen to their photographers because if its working for you its working for them!”

GM Photographics

“We just wanted to say a most sincere THANK YOU to the whole team at Seldex for your care, service and dedication in providing us with an excellent and most importantly, "on time" product every time. Working with dedicated professionals has streamlined our delivery time and we can guarantee with confidence that our clients will receive their stunning albums on or before the time we promise they will! That in turn, has helped our studio's cash flow and has also allowed us to exceed our clients expectations on a regular basis! Sincere thanks again - SELDEX you ROCK!!”

Field of Vision Photography

“My studio believes in creating the best quality products for my clients because I want them to see their images come to life. Seldex delivers on every level, with beautiful products, easy ordering and very reasonable turn around times for custom pieces that bring clients tears of joy!”

Kellie Blinco Photography

“Their impeccable old school quality and bespoke charm is why we have used Seldex for the best part of 20 years!”

Milk and Honey Photography

“15 years later and still exceptionally happy with Seldex quality and most of all the service. Always accommodating for any customised request. Proud to be supporting our local business.”

Dezine By Mauro Photography

“I’ve been dealing with Seldex for over 20 years and wouldn't think of going elsewhere. Being Australian made and their attention to detail and craftsmenship wins me over every time”.

Wildberry Studio & Design

“Seldex are a vital part of our studio, their attention-to-detail has been, and will continue to be an important catalyst in surpassing our business goals and successes over the past 10 years! They are flexible and continue to adapt to the ever changing industry to understand photographers and the end-customer needs. They go all out to give the most outstanding product which is what will keep the Australian Photography Trade alive."

The Wedding and Portrait Studio

"Seldex are so caring and professional. They go out their way to create a product to suit my clients and nothing is too much for them to do. After all these years I still get excited to open a new album they have created for my clients. I know they getting the best quality available. Thanks Seldex!!!"

Nadine Saacks Photography

“I have been a professional photographer shooting children in Melbourne for the past 15 years. I have done business with Seldex the whole time. For my business the product I most featured was the ‘portfolio box’. I cant tell you the amount of boxes I have ordered. More importantly, I have never had to return one product for bad craftsmanship. Over this time Seldex are always there to help out, even when I may slip up. The Seldex world is all about service and an excellent product. Seldex delivers the goods…… every time.”

Suzette Portrait Photography


“Seldex have been providing our studio with their beautiful products for over 6 years. Their attention to detail and amazing customer service makes working with them a breeze. I love providing my clients with high quality Australian products and it's all thanks to Seldex.”

Pitter Patter Portraits

“Seldex have been providing our studio with their beautiful products for over 6 years. Their attention to detail and amazing customer service makes working with them a breeze. I love providing my clients with high quality Australian products and it's all thanks to Seldex.”

Sugarlove Pictures


“We have used Seldex exclusively for over 15 years now and LOVE their product range. Their high quality products and albums are faultless and their personalised service and turnaround time is AMAZING!”

Belle Photo

“I demand a product that is second to none and that will stand the test of time. Its what my clients demand of me. Seldex have been a partner of my busines since its inception and have always exceeded my expectations.”

D'Amico Photography





"We have confidence in the quality of the final product and know first-hand their exceptional customer service.

Seldex offers a range of album design features enabling photographers to uniquely reflect their brand. Always growing and evolving alongside their photographer clients to remain modern yet timeless.

Beautiful presentation, so much care goes into every aspect from the bindings and printing to the final packaging.  Seldex reflects everything we as wedding photographers believe in: love, quality, attention to detail, impeccable service.

We get so excited when one of our client’s albums arrives and so proud to hand it over to them knowing that it will loved and treasured forever."

CNJ Photography