Top Sellers

Top Sellers for Weddings

BOUTIQUE BOOKS - Our Boutique Books remain our most popular album for weddings.  These magazine style albums are all printed inhouse by Seldex and have pages available in either fine art matte or lustre paper - with the fine art matte being the most popular! Pages are available in 2 thicknesses and you can have up to 45 double page spreads in your album.  We can also print smaller, duplicate copies of these albums as parent albums.  A gorgeous album at an amazing price - you can't go wrong with a Boutique Book.




BOOKBOUND ALBUMS - Our Bookbound Albums are the most popular choice for when a customer desires a matted album.  It's a classic style album with beautiful mats overlaying the photographs.  A unique benefit to Bookbound Albums is you can mix matted and flushmounted images within one album which gives you a lot of flexibility in design.  Available in a large range of sizes and album cover materials.




MIETTA FRAMES - Our Mietta Frames, and Mietta Frame Collections, have proven to be very popular since they were released.  Photographers love that they can upload a file, choose their frame and receive the finished product back, ready to hand over to their client.  Frames are available in white, black or walnut and come in a large range of sizes.





Top Sellers for Portraits and Newborns

PORTFOLIO - Our Portfolios with Frame Mounts remain our top selling portrait product.  They are easy to sell - just have your customer pick their favourite images, slide the printed images into the Frame Mounts and pop them into the box.  Available with cloth covers or a personalised image cover (Image Portfolio) and in 4 popular sizes there is sure to be a Portfolio to suit your style.  Remember to emboss your cloth Portfolios with your studio logo for free when 10 Portfolios are ordered. 





PORTRAIT BOX SET - Portrait Box Sets are an inexpensive altenative to Portfolios.  Portrait Box Sets are covered in a variety of papers and include 10 Frame Mounts in each box.  A 10x8" Portrait Box Sets start from $45 each including gst.






BOUTIQUE BOOKS - Our Boutique Books are popular for Portraits as well as Weddings.  These magazine style album are all printed inhouse by Seldex and have pages available in either fine art matte or lustre paper - with the fine art matte being the most popular, especially for newborns! Pages are available in 2 thicknesses and you can have up to 45 double page spreads in your album.  A gorgeous album at an amazing price - you can't go wrong with a Boutique Book.




GALLERY ALBUMS - Our Gallery Albums are economical matted albums that have proven popular with portrait and newborn shoots over the years.  They are a great album to have in stock in your studio for quick assembly and client delivery and the beautiful mats create a traditional, yet classic look for your photos.





INFINITY FRAMES - Our gorgeous bamboo InFinity Frames have been a hit since we recently released them.  The contemporary bamboo timber frame surrounds the fine art matte print that is protected with a matte coating.  Available in a huge range of sizes they feature a unique hanging system that includes a small spirit level to help hang them straight on your clients walls.  Simply upload your photo, select your size and we will send you the completed frame ready to hand over to your client.




Top Sellers for Digital File Packaging

USB BOXES - We offer 3 styles of USB Boxes - standard (black or white silk), custom (your choice of cover material) and image (with a custom personalised cover).  They make a nice addition to your USB drive and clients can keep the USB drive in the box so it never gets lost.  Custom and Image USB Boxes also feature a mat on the inside cover so an image can be placed there - this is great for clients that come back each year as they can easily open the box to see what years shoot is on the USB drive inside.  USB Boxes start from $15.00 each plus gst.




USB PRINT BOXES - We strongly encourage photographers who supply digital files only to at least supply some prints with their packaging.  This ensures your client sees how an image should be printed as opposed to complaining when they have it printed in inferior quality.  The USB Print Box can have a cloth cover or personalised image cover and can hold up to 75 loose prints.  USB Print Boxes start from $35.00 each plus gst.





Top Sellers for Loose Print Packaging

FRAME MOUNTS - Frame Mounts are the most popular mount we sell for loose prints.  Made from acid free mountboard they are perfect for your customer to frame when they get home.  Step up the presentation by matching with our Clearpix Bags - an acid free polyurathene bag for protection.  Availlable to suit images from 6x4" up to 11x14" and custom sizes mounts can be made upon request.  10x8" Frame Mount to suit 7x5" photos start from $2.75 each plus gst.  There are bulk discounts available when more than 100 mounts are purchased.





BOUTIQUE BOXES - Boutique Boxes are an inexpensive way to package up to 25 loose prints.  Each Boutique Box includes colour tissue paper and can be embossed with your studio logo.  Available in 4 sizes  - the 7x5" Boutique Boxes start at $5.00 each plus gst.  Don't forget to brand with your studio logo embossed on the lid!





PORTRAIT ENVELOPES - Portrait Envelopes are a great way to present up to 20 loose prints in a  high end presentation envelope.  You can choose the cover material for your Portrait Envelopes and emboss them with your studio logo to further strengthen your brand. A 7x5" Portrait Envelope costs $20.00 each plus gst.





MASTER PHOTO CASES - Master Photo Cases are a popular choice for packaging up to 20 loose prints.  Available in black or white, these inexpensive mounts can be embossed with your studio logo and range in sizes from 6x4" to 16x20".  7x5" Master Photo Cases cost $2.40 each plus gst.





Top Sellers for Mini Sessions

USB PRINT BOXES - Mini Sessions are all the rage these days and our USB Print Boxes are the perfect packaging solution for these sessions.  Each box holds a USB drive as well as room for loose prints or a Lite Book.  We encourage those studios who normally offer digital files only to at least print out 5 or 10 images so the client can see how a professionally printed photo should look.  USB Print Boxes start from $35.00 each plus gst.




Great Gift Ideas

POCKET BOOKS - Our Pocket Books make the perfect inexpensive gift idea for any client - wedding or portrait - and it ensures your photos will be kept on hand for them to show friends and family.  Pocket Books also make great little parent albums!  Each book holds 20 2½x3½" or 5x3½" photos that are mounted easily onto the pages and is covered in Natural Blend Linen with a matching box.  2½x3½" Pocket Books cost $18.00 each plus gst.





SKITE BOOKS -  Similar to the Portrait Books shown above, our Skite Books are even more economical and feature black pages with a black cover and box.  Available in 2½x3½" and 5x3½" - photo are mounted directly onto each page.  A 2½x3½" Skite Book costs $12.00 each plus gst.






INFINITY DESK FRAMES - Our new InFinity Desk Frame range has proven popular with those customers wanting to add more value to a package and since they start at $35 plus gst for a complete frame, including the image,then this is a great gift option for customers.  Made from gorgeous bamboo timber each frame includes the fine art matte print printed by Seldex.





Awesome Add-ons

GUEST BOOKS - Guest Books provide a great forum of advertising for your business and we think every bride and groom should be encouraged to have one.  This way the 100 or more guests at their wedding will see an album with YOUR images inside and they already have a friend using you who can vouch for your photography and customer service.  A 10x10" Guest Book with Image Wrap cover and 6 double page spreads, including the box, starts from $155.00 plus gst.