• Affordable layflat album printed on matte or lustre paper
  • Personalised image cover with a protective laminate coating
  • Includes 6 double page spreads
  • Option to add additional double page spreads
  • Packaging sold separately
  • Maximum of 20 double page spreads
  • Allow 5 to 10 business days to manufacture

Special thank you to Kristen Cook and Frog Dog Studio for the gorgeous images featured in these albums



  • 6 double page spreads are included with a Lite Book
  • You have the option to add more double page spreads
  • Maximum number of double page spreads is 20


  • Black presentation box
  • Black Lite Book bag
  • Natural Lite Book bag

Studio logo

  • No

You can incorporate your studio logo into the album design on one of the double page spreads


Album design

Designing albums can be somewhat overwhelming at first, but don't despair, it's not as hard as it seems!  There are quite a few album design software available that make designing quick and easy.  For information on album design and the best software check out our Album Design webpage.

File preparation

Before you upload your files please be sure to read carefully through our File Preparation webpage.  This will give you important information on how to properly prepare your files for printing.

If you haven't printed with us before then we highly recommend you order free test prints from us.  Click here to order them today!


You must use our Photoshop templates to design the cover of your Lite Book.

Download the PSD files below:

  • 7x7 Lite Book cover - 6 double page spreads
  • 7x7 Lite Book cover - 7 to 10 double page spreads
  • 7x7 Lite Book cover - 11 to 15 double page spreads
  • 7x7 Lite Book cover - 16 to 20 double page spreads

Please carefully read our Lite Book design guide.pdf before you start designing.

DO NOT have images end exactly on the guide lines. Images must either flow over the guide lines to the edge or be set inside the guide lines with a background colour filling the remaining space. The GUIDE LINES ARE APPROXIMATE, not exact. Please keep that in mind when designing your cover.

DO NOT leave any blank space and make sure that the spine and fold areas are flexible. Anything that appears outside of the blue fold lines will get folded over when the cover is created.

The uploaded cover image should be colour corrected and ready to print saved as a 300 dpi JPEG. 

File upload

Once you have designed your Lite Book, you will need to upload your files to these specifications - 

All album pages must be double page spreads.
File format:  JPEG
Colour space:   ADOBE RGB (1998) or sRGB
Pixels per inch:  300dpi

We DO NOT check customer files for accuracy.  Your files should be colour corrected, correctly cropped and ready for printing. This is your responsibility.  If you are a first time user we highly recommend you visit our File Preparation page for details on how to prepare your files.

If you haven't printed with us before then we highly recommend you order free test prints from us.  Click here to order them today!

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