• Layflat album printed on fine art matte paper
  • Beautiful textured cloth covers
  • Includes 6 double page spreads
  • Option to add additional double page spreads
  • Arrives packaged in a black presentation box
  • Includes a professional Album Care Card so your clients know how to best care for their heirloom
  • Maximum of 20 double page spreads
  • Allow 5 to 10 business days to manufacture


You can now order matching mini albums with one easy click of the button!  

  • 6x6" duplicate of your 10x10" main album
  • All album covers will be plain, in the same material as the main album.  
  • Mini albums will not include optional extras from the main album such as Custom or Personalised Embossing.

Special thank you to Wildberry Photography & Design, Sue Bryce and Howe Studios for the gorgeous images featured in these albums


Cover materials

  • Asahi
  • Linen
  • Buckram


  • Includes 6 double page spreads with the option to add more

Front cover design

  • Custom embossing
  • Personalised embossing

Studio logo embossing

  • No

You can incorporate your studio logo into the album design on one of the double page spreads


Album design

Creating a Seldex album is easy!  Whether you're new to designing layouts or are a seasoned professional, we're here to help you every step of the way.  

You cannot design your albums directly on our website as we do not have our own designated album design software, but we do provide recommendations for programs that we love.  

Alternatively, we do offer an album design service that you can take advantage of.  

 For information on the Seldex design service or design software options available check out our Album Design web page 

File preparation

Before you upload your files please be sure to read carefully through our File Preparation web page.  This will give you important information on how to properly prepare your files for printing.

If you haven't printed with us before then we highly recommend you order free test prints from us.  Click here to order them today!

File upload

You will need to upload your album files to these specifications - 

Files: Double page spreads
File format:  JPEG
Colour space:   ADOBE RGB (1998) or sRGB
Pixels per inch:  300dpi

It is very important that your album layouts are correctly named to ensure they are mounted in the correct order.  For example 001, 002, 003 etc.  Most album design programs will export your files with the correct file names but it is a good idea to check these before uploading.  Please do not add any characters to your files names such as *, /, \, @, etc. 


Once you have designed your Portrait Book, you will need to upload your files to these specifications - 

All album pages must be double page spreads.
File format:  JPEG
Colour space:   ADOBE RGB (1998) or sRGB
Pixels per inch:  300dpi

We DO NOT check customer files for accuracy.  Your files should be colour corrected, correctly cropped and ready for printing. This is your responsibility.  If you are a first time user we highly recommend you visit our File Preparation page for details on how to prepare your files.

If you haven't printed with us before then we highly recommend you order free test prints from us.  Click here to order them today!


Aspect ratio must correspond to specified print size otherwise your print will come back the incorrect size.  Seldex will not be responsible for incorrectly cropped/sized files or prints resulting from this.

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