Every presentation product that you deliver to your customers should be branded with your studio logo and the best way to do that with Seldex products is to emboss them.  

To get started with embossing your will need to purchase a Studio embossing die.  This is a metal die of your logo that is used to apply the foil to the surface of the product.  There is a once off cost to have your embossing die manufactured, once this is done you can then emboss different products such as albums, Folio Boxes, Frame Mounts, Print boxes and more.

We offer 8 different foil colours as well as blind embossing where no foil is used.

  • Metal die for embossing studio logos
  • Once off purchase
  • Can be used on all products that allow embossing
  • Allow 5 days for manufacture


When ordering a studio embossing die your uploaded file will need to be:

  • High res file 
  • Black and white only (no gradients or colour)
  • JPEG

The normal width of an embossing die is between 60-90mm depending on the design.  You can advise us how wide you would like your die made during the order process.


Please remember that embossing is a different process when compared to printing.  When we emboss we are pushing foil into the surface of the material.  Some materials such as leather will emboss well.  Leather is a soft, yet thick material so the embossing is indented into the material.  Materials such as buckram or linen are a thin material therefore the embossing will not be as deep.

Another consideration is your logo design.  If you logo has a graphic design with small details then it may be best to leave this off the die and use text only.  Graphics with intricate designs may not emboss well as the small areas can fill with foil due to the surface of the material, especially linens which have a textured weave surface. 

If you are unsure if you logo is suitable for embossing please contact our sales team for their advice.

File upload

You will need to upload your studio logo file to these specifications - 

File format:  JPEG
Colour space:   ADOBE RGB (1998) or sRGB
Pixels per inch:  300dpi

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